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Coppa Italia de un vistazo

Coppa Italia de un vistazo

  • established: 1922
  • number of teams: 78
  • most titles: Juventus FC (13)
  • most appearances: Roberto Mancini (120 with Bolognia, Sampdoria and Lazio)
  • current holder: SS Lazio (2019 champion, won Atalanta 2:0)
  • all time scorer: Alessandro Altobelli (56 goals with Brescia, Inter and Juventus)

Hechos de trivialidades Coppa Italia divertidas:

  • 1: AC Milan is the team that lost the largest number of final and final rounds of the competition, placing second overall for 9 times.
  • 2: The Vado and the LR Vicenza are the two teams that have won the trophy in the only final disputed. The Bologna won the trophy twice, one in the final played and the other in one of the two final rounds played.
  • 3: The record of finals (and final rounds) disputed belongs to Juventus at odds of 18

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Football Ticket Net te ofrece todas las entradas de 2019/20 en casa y fuera de casa de Coppa Italia; puedes navegar a través de todos los elementos de Coppa Italia en la parte superior para encontrar las entradas de Coppa Italia que estás buscando. Entonces, ¿a qué esperas? Compra tus entradas de Coppa Italia ahora en nuestro sistema seguro y protegido y garantiza tu asistencia a uno de los partidos de Coppa Italia.


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Coppa Italia

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