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1. How is this virus affecting my order?

Coronavirus has had a tremendous impact on our company , business and the world. The evolving situation due to COVID-19 (the novel coronavirus) has likely led to questions about what happens if an event gets cancelled or postponed. All major leagues in Europe decided to postpone matches while still evaluating the situation and discussing how to face it.

For more information please click https://footballticketnet.com/covid-19.


2. How Do I Order Tickets Through Your Site?

Go to www.footballticketnet.com, choose the match, seating category, and number of tickets. Then follow the on-screen prompts, complete your payment, and receive your order confirmation.

Please note all prices are per ticket and the price shown is final since there are no additional charges. VAT is not added and will not be added at a later stage.

3. Are My Tickets Valid?

Yes, all tickets purchased through Football Ticket Net are 100% valid and guaranteed.

4. How Can I Be Sure I Will Receive My Tickets?

Football Ticket Net guarantees you will receive your tickets in time to attend the match, provided you provide us with correct and valid delivery details.

5. Are Children Required to Have a Ticket to Attend a Match?

Ticket requirements for children vary per club and match so we recommended verifying the club's requirements before booking your tickets. 

6. Do You Sell Gift Cards?

Yes. You can purchase gift cards from this page https://www.footballticketnet.com/voucher. You can choose any monetary amount you want and write your own dedication to send to your intended recipient.

7. What If I Need to Purchase More Tickets than You Have Listed Available?

Sellers are listing their tickets and updating these lists in real time so quantity is always changing. If you need more tickets than you see available, contact us by email at [email protected], via our chat client, or by telephone at +44-203-695-4911 or +34-911-238-384 or any of the other phone numbers listed on the Contact Us page

8. Where Can I Contact You if I Have Questions or Requests?

We are available 24/7 by email or by telephone and chat online according to the working hours informed on the site.


Please note that our customer service and sales hours are from Monday-Friday 8AM - 5PM (GMT) and Saturday 8AM - 8:15PM (GMT). The different area codes are provided to help you avoid international calling charges. 
UK: +44-2036954911
Spain: +34-911238384
USA: +1-6467418545
Sweden: +46-844683922
France: +33-182880788
Italy: +39-0694800119
Australia: +61-280152669


You can start a conversation with a chat agent from any page on our site or from the Contact Us page.

9. I Need One More Ticket. Can I Add Another Ticket to My Order?

All sales are final so we cannot make changes to an existing order. We recommend you place a new order for the ticket in the same seating category and write in the special request that you would like to be seated with the tickets of your first order.

We also recommend that you phone or email us to be sure your request has been received. While we cannot guarantee the orders will be together, we will to our best to fulfill your request.

10. What If I Accidentally Order Twice?

Please email us immediately at [email protected] to report your issue. Please use the order ID numbers and the details of what occurred.

11. What is my Client Account?

Your client account is automatically generated when you place your order and complete your payment successfully. You can go to your account to print out additional order confirmations, follow your order details, or update your shipping details if needed.

Your client account is also where you will be able to download electronic tickets, if applicable.

12. How Do I Access My Client Account?

You can access your client account from the red "Log In" button in the upper right corner of any page on our website. Log in with your email address and the password sent to you with your confirmation email. 

This password is valid for all paid orders with us; you will see details about all your orders in your client account.

If you don't remember your password, please click the "Forgot Password?" link under the log-in button. A new password will be generated and sent to you automatically. 

13. I Have Not Received a Confirmation Email for My Order. What Should I Do?

The confirmation email is sent automatically once the payment is confirmed. If you have submitted the payment but did not receive a confirmation email, it means either the payment was not completed or the confirmation email went to your spam or junk folders. Please check your bank statement and, if the payment is confirmed, check the junk or spam folders to be sure it was not misdirected. If you still don't find it, contact us at [email protected] for assistance—and to ensure that we have the correct email address for future communication.

You can also download and print your order confirmation from your Football Ticket Net client account.

14. How Can I Change My Customer and/or Shipping Details?

You can change your customer details, shipping details, or both from your client account. Log in with your email address and password via the red "Log In" button at the top right of any page on our site, click View Details under the relevant order, and edit your details.

15. What Should I Do if I Make a Mistake in My Order?

Contact us right away. We are reachable by email at [email protected], online via our chat client, or by phone at +44-203-695-4911, +34-911-238-384, or any of the other phone numbers listed on our Contact Us page and we will be happy to assist you.

16. I Purchased Tickets as a Gift. Do You Give Gift Cards?

Yes, gift cards/gift vouchers are available to present to the recipient prior to delivery. These can be personalized with a short message of your choosing—please contact us to request one.

It is important to note that gift vouchers are not valid to enter the match; valid tickets will be needed so please make sure provide accurate contact and shipping details.

17. How Will I Receive My Tickets?

Delivery usually takes place one to two days before the match. While most clubs have moved to electronic delivery (e-tickets or mobile-only), we also deliver tickets via post, private courier, hand delivery, pick-up point, or box office collection. As soon as we have delivery information, we will contact you with full details.
Unfortunately, you cannot select a delivery method, though we will try to fulfill any request.

18. How Does a Pick-Up Point Work?

At a pick-up point, you simply meet our representative near the stadium on match day (sometimes the day before) to collect your tickets in person.
We will send the pick-up point location, time, and contact details of the representative by email in due time.

19. Which Shipping Companies Do You Use?

We only use reputable companies for deliveries. For matches in the UK, this is Royal Mail. For other countries, we may use UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc.

20. When Will I Receive My Tickets?

They are dispatched to you as soon as possible, most of the time arriving 1-2 days before the match or even earlier but, in some cases, delivery is on match day itself. Rest assured that you will have your tickets in hand in time. 

21. What If I Need to Change My Delivery Address?

If you need to change your delivery address, please edit the details from your customer account. Click the red Log In button in the upper right corner of any page on the website and submit your order number and password. Click View Details on the order and then Edit under the Shipping Address details. So long as there is enough time before the match, you will be able to change your details.
If it is not possible to change your details, please contact us as soon as you can via [email protected].

22. Can My Tickets Be Delivered to Me Internationally?

Since delivery usually takes place one to two days before the match, we most often deliver tickets to a local address, if they are not e-tickets or mobile tickets.

23. Do You Deliver Tickets to Any Local Address?

Since tickets are usually delivered 1-2 days before the match, when we deliver physical tickets, we generally need a local address. This can be a hotel, rented apartment, home, and some offices. If you are unsure whether we can deliver to the address you have, please contact us at [email protected].

24. Can My Tickets Be Sent to a Mail Box?

We are sorry but no. Physical ticket delivery requires a signature of confirmation so we cannot deliver to a mailbox.

25. What If No One Is Home to Sign For My Delivery?

If no one is available to sign for delivery, the addressee will have to collect the package from the post office office using a valid ID.
Royal Mail will leave a card with the address of the local post office and update their website that they missed you. We advise that you track your delivery from the Royal Mail website yourself, but we will also call and email you as a courtesy.

26. Can I Choose My Preferred Delivery Method?

The delivery method varies from match to match and will depend on availability, volume, and match location. You can, however, make a request and we will consult with our representatives to see if they can fulfill your request.

27. How Do I Download My Tickets?

The two main types of electronic tickets are e-tickets and mobile phone tickets. Regular e-tickets can be downloaded from your customer account which you can access from any page on our site via the red Log In button in the upper right corner.
Mobile tickets will either be sent to your email address or to an application like Wallet, GPay, or a club-specific app. We will provide detailed information on everything you need to know to properly receive and download the tickets.

28. I Will Be Traveling and Not Have Access to My Printer. How Will I Print My Tickets?

Not all e-tickets need to be printed but those that do can be downloaded and printed from any computer, anywhere in the world. Most customers are able to ask their hotel concierge to print their tickets for them.

29. What Is Box Office Collection?

In box office collection, you collect your tickets from the stadium box office, often using a collection voucher and some form of ID. If we use this delivery method, we will send you complete details, including a collection voucher.

30. What If I Don't Have a Delivery Address When I Place My Order?

You don't need to have a delivery address before placing your order; you can update the address from your client account afterword or send us the address via email. However, since tickets are generally processed for delivery a week before the match, we ask that you update your address at least a week before the match.

31. How Will I Know If My Hotel Will Accept My Delivery?

We strongly recommend that you notify your hotel that you will be expecting a delivery and ask them to accept it on your behalf and hold it for your arrival. If they refuse, please notify us immediately so we can find an alternative delivery method.

32. I Am Renting Through Airbnb. Can My Tickets Be Delivered There?

Yes, we can deliver to Airbnb and other rented apartments. However, we do require certain information, including the name and phone number of the host and confirmation whether the host can accept a delivery on your behalf. 
If the delivery cannot be made to this address, we will have to arrange a different delivery method.

33. Can You Deliver My Tickets to a Hostel?

Yes, we can deliver your tickets to a hostel. Like a hotel, we require the hostel address, reservation name, and check-in and check-out dates. You must also confirm with the hostel whether they can accept the delivery on your behalf and hold it for your arrival.

34. What If I Only Arrive to My Hotel on the Day of the Match? How Can I Get My Tickets?

We can deliver your tickets to your hotel reception or concierge desk before you check in, as long as we have complete and accurate hotel and reservation details and you have confirmation from your hotel that they will accept and hold a delivery for you.

35. I Am Only Going to the Match for the Day. How Will I Get My Tickets?

We can deliver to a hotel before you check in (see the Q&A above) but if you are not staying over anywhere we can deliver to within the country of the match, please inform us as soon as possible so we can make alternate delivery arrangements.

36. If I Stay with a Friend or Family Member, Can You Deliver My Tickets to Their Home?

Yes, we can deliver to a friend or family member's home address. Just provide us with the home owner/resident name and contact details and confirm that they can accept a delivery for you.

37. Will My Tickets be Seated Together?

We guarantee seating in pairs unless they are ordered as singles. Pairs are usually but not always side-by-side; they may be one behind the other or on a diagonal, depending on availability.

For requests for more than pairs together, please contact us at [email protected].

38. What If My Seats Are Not Together as Guaranteed?

In the rare event that your tickets are not in a pair, please contact us at [email protected] with a picture of the tickets your received. 

If your tickets are not together as confirmed, you are entitled to compensation based on the distance between the tickets—see section 8.F of hte terms and conditions.

39. How Can I Find Out Where I Will Be Seated in the Stadium?

You will be seated in the seating category chosen, in the area described by the category description.
In many cases, we offer a seating map to help you visualize the seating category. The seating map will appear when you hover over the seating category with your cursor or click "View Seating Plan" next to the category.

40. Can I Know the Row and Seat Number to Expect?

We do not offer tickets based on specific seat location (i.e., seat/row/block) but according to the categories described on our site, which do not always match the official organizer's categories.

These categories, instead, cover specific areas of the stadium. Your tickets will be within the seating area described by the seating category you ordered and specific row and seat number will not be available until the ticket delivery.

41. Why Are Your Categories & Category Descriptions Different from the Official Club?

Football Ticket Net sells tickets for many matches in many different locations, which makes it impossible to change our categories according to each team and match. Therefore, we have our own categories and category descriptions.

42. Will My Name be Printed on the Ticket?

Your name will only be printed on the ticket if it is required by the club.

43. If I Purchase Tickets in the "Any Available" Section, Where Will I Be?

Tickets purchased in the "Any Available" categories may be located anywhere in the stadium, as written in the category description and shown in the seating plan, when available.

These categories include both home and away sections.

44. What Is the Difference between "Best Available Singles" and "Best Available Pairs?"

Both "Best Available Pairs" and "Best Available Singles" guarantee seating anywhere in the stadium, home or away. The difference is that "Best Available Pairs" guarantees seating in pairs whereas "Best Available Singles" guarantees only single tickets.

45. What Should I Do If I Think I Got the Wrong Tickets?

If you think your tickets are incorrect, please contact us at [email protected] with your order ID and a picture of the tickets received. We will review your claim and, if we confirm the error, we will issue compensation in accordance with the terms and conditions (see section 8.F).

46. How Can I Get More than Two Tickets Together?

Our seating is guaranteed in pairs but, if you contact us with your request prior to purchase, we will check if we can guarantee more tickets together for you. Please reach out to [email protected].

You can also write a special request upon purchase; we will do our best to fulfill your request.

47. Why Is the Price on My Ticket Different than What I Paid?

The price on the ticket is the original price, or face value, paid by the original ticket purchaser. Our prices are the ones the sellers are asking for their tickets. They are a reflect of a fair market value, in accordance with the difficulty in acquiring the tickets.

48. Is the Date and Time of the Match Subject to Change?

While unusual, all times and dates are subject to change, as stated on our website and in the terms and conditions. These changes are made by the official organizers, not by us, and your tickets are valid for the rescheduled matches.

Please check the official time and date of the match and make adjustments to your travel and accommodation if necessary.

49. Can You Guarantee Handicapped-Accessible Seating?

No, we cannot guarantee accessible seating at all. For security reasons, clubs have dedicated areas for fans using wheelchairs or otherwise in need of special accommodations. Our ticket sellers do not have access to these seats. If you buy tickets without informing us of the need for special accommodations, we cannot be held responsible for any resulting issues.

50. Will I Be Seated in the Home or Away Section?

All categories are with the home team unless specifically described as Away Section tickets or in the "Any Available" categories which cover both home and away section. In any case, all categories are covered by and subject to the full guarantee the site offers: to deliver accurate, comparable or better tickets.

Note some matches are held at neutral stadiums where there is neither a home nor an away section. When possible, we will indicate which team section the categories are for; we don't always have that information. 

51. Can I Cancel My Paid Order?

In accordance with the Terms & Conditions and as stated on the order confirmation page, all paid orders are final and cannot be changed, cancelled, or refunded. However, if you require an exception, please contact us at [email protected] for assistance.

52. Can I Cancel My Order in Case of a Date Change Where I Cannot Attend?

Tickets are still valid for rescheduled matches. As stated in the terms and conditions, date changes are not refundable unless they are cancelled and not rescheduled. This is also the first remark on the page of the match on our site and on the confirmation email sent after the payment.

However, if you require an exception, please contact us at [email protected] for assistance.

53. How Do I Use My Credit?

To use your site credit, simply place a new order using the same email address to which your credit was issued. When you reach the payment page, you will see your credit apply to your purchase automatically.

If you do not see the credit applied to your purchase on the payment page, please stop the process immediately. Wait 30 minutes to try again and, if still unsuccessful, contact our customer support at either [email protected] or +44-203-695-4911.

Additionally, please wait for our email confirmation that the credit has been issued before trying to use it; we cannot apply credit to an order retroactively.

54. Can I Sell You Tickets That I Have Purchased Elsewhere?

You can submit your details at this page: http://www.footballticketnet.com/sell-your-tickets

If we can find a use for your tickets, we will contact you within 48 hours of your submission.

55. How can I expect to receive a refund?

A refund will be issued through the original method of payment on file.

56. How Long Will it Take to See My Refund?

A refund usually takes a few days to reach your account, depending on your bank's policies. In rare circumstances, a refund can take up to 21 working days to appear on your credit statement. If you do not see it happening, please contact our customer support at [email protected].

57. Who is Football Ticket Net?

Football Ticket Net is an independent marketplace for fans to buy and sell tickets. We are not affiliated with or associated with any official club or event organizer.